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Built on a legacy of making experimental aircraft parts.

Richard and Harmon working on machining parts

Langaire Aircraft Parts LLC is a small locally owned business specializing in small to medium volume production as well as one-of-a-kind prototype parts. We specialize in making parts for the home-built aviation market but have done work for others in many other industries including both sport and commercial fishing, certificated aircraft, custom automotive applications, off-road motorcycles, renewable energy, and many others. If you have something you need machined, there is a good chance we can help!!

Harmon got his start making landing gear in the 1960s out of necessity to finish his own Davis DA/2A aircraft and quickly became known as the guy to talk to to get a set for their own aircraft. In the mid-'90s, Harmon decided to move to Oregon. Once he settled, he found that the home-built aircraft market was booming. Harmon decided he needed some help and asked around at the local high school and other pilot friends to recommend someone to help him at the machine shop.

Learn more about Harmon's aircraft projects.

Harmon working on the lathe
Langaire owner Richard Squires machining aircraft parts

Answering Harmon's call for help, Richard Squires got involved in the machine shop. He worked for Harmon while finishing high school and then also for a few years while he attended college to get his Electronic Engineering degree. Richard decided to pursue a computer hardware design career for a few years but soon realized sitting at a desk designing things on a computer was not as exciting as he thought it would be. At about that same time, Harmon was looking for someone to run his shop for him. In 2004 Richard came back to the shop full time to run it for Harmon and in 2009 Richard and Harmon became partners in Langaire Aircraft Parts LLC.


Since then, Richard has worked to maintain and foster current customers as well as branch out and grow the shop. In 2013 Langaire added on to the shop to make room for a Doosan Puma lathe for high volume production work and a VF7 mill for large size milling projects.

For fun, Richard converted his Ford truck to Cummins diesel power. Even though many companies offer kits to do this conversion, Richard thought it was silly for him to buy an existing kit when he owned all the needed tools to create his own. So he designed and built all the needed conversion parts including a transmission adapter plate to mate the Ford transmission to the Dodge Cummins engine. This included measuring the stock Dodge adapter plate as well as the stock Ford adapter plate and creating a CAD model of each of the appropriate sections of the different adapter plates and then aligning them together into one part.


He also planned and built a welded aluminum fishing and hunting boat and trailer. Building on high school welding classes, Richard taught himself how to TIG and MIG weld aluminum with help from online tutorials. Once he was comfortable with it,  Richard bought plans to build a GlenL Scrambler boat. His family and friends have enjoyed using it year-round to fish and duck hunt local rivers and lakes.

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Langaire Aircraft Parts LLC

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