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Experimental Aircraft Gear Legs

Langaire Aircraft Parts and Custom Machine has been making experimental aircraft gear legs for over 50 years! 

photo of experimental aircraft landing gear legs

We have been machining Wittman rod and flat style legs since 1969. We also make aluminum airfoil legs for many different types, makes, and models of aircrft.  


We can gun drill your flat gear for brake lines. We can also gun drill your rod-style aircraft gear legs for weight savings.

We work closely with 3rd party aircraft design engineers bringing our customers over 20 years of design and safety experience on custom aircraft gear legs projects.

photo of experimental aircraft flying

Gear leg match drilling and straightening

Langaire Aircraft Parts can match drill your gear legs. We can also straighten bent gear legs. Download the instruction and order form and follow the directions to send us your gear legs. Questions? Just give us a call.

Order aircraft gear legs from Langaire

Langaire Aircraft Parts can machine gear legs for your aircraft. Download the order form. Questions? Just give us a call.

Example gear legs drawing, click for details

Gear Leg Drawings.gif

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